LifeGuard Medical Solutions is a nationally-recognized leader in the field of cardiac-care.

Harvard Reynolds


Founded by Harvard Reynolds following the 1999 death of his father—the victim of a sudden cardiac arrest—Lifeguard Medical Solutions is dedicated to raising the standard of care for our communities by providing quality products and proper education.

Since our beginning, we have emerged as one of the largest and most-trusted providers of AED’s in the country. Also, as a nationally-approved Certified Training Center (CTC) for the American Heart Association (AHA), LifeGuard Medical Solutions utilizes our national network of AHA-Certified Instructors to go onsite to provide our clients with the important CPR/AED training for their staff.

Our company was established upon the principles of honesty and fairness, with a focus of providing the highest-quality and best-valued solutions available. Furthermore, our staff continually strives to achieve the highest levels of customer service and support for our clients.

Nashville CPR is a division of LifeGuard Medical Solutions. As a leading Certified Training Center for the American Heart Association (AHA), we provide quality life-support training from our team of AHA-Certified Instructors.

Chad Breedlove, ATC

Director of CPR Training

Chad Breedlove, our Board Certified Athletic Trainer, appreciates the need for our citizens to receive proper life-support training skills. In 2007, he was appointed by officials from LifeGuard Medical Solutions to serve as its Director of Training. With his professional background in healthcare and education, Chad incorporates a helpful and informative approach into his training methods.

In addition to Chad, we also maintain a network of CPR Instructors to administer training for our clients. These Instructors consist of professional responders (Firefighters/EMT's/Paramedics) whose efforts are greatly appreciated for the inclusion of "real-world" scenarios. No other professions perform more live rescues than do these responders – and we are certainly proud to work alongside them.

 Recently, LifeGuard provided a CPR training class for about 15 of our elders, administrators and congregation members here at our church. Only 4 days after the class, a church member administered CPR on her husband who had fallen off their roof while cleaning gutters. She said without a doubt, the training she learned only days earlier from the CPR Instructor from LifeGuard gave her the confidence and knowledge to save her husband's life. Thank you LifeGuard!!"
Claude Smith
Emmanuel Presbyterian Church


 For greater liability protection under federal, state and local “Good Samaritan” laws, it is highly recommended that organizations properly train an appropriate number of employees on CPR techniques and the use of an AED. These lifesaving measures have been proven time and again. VIEW OUR COURSES


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