The story about the AED save at Beaman Automotive was recently filmed by NBC and is profiled on MicroSoft’s global website.



At 6:00pm on July 7, 2005, in front of over 200 customers and staff, a 57-year-old gentleman walked into a car dealership at Beaman Automotive Group in Nashville, TN and suffered a sudden cardiac arrest.

Someone present called 911 immediately; however, as traffic was slowed from business commuters returning home, the EMS officials were unable to reach the victim until over ten minutes.

Fortunately, about a year earlier, Lee Beaman, the CEO of Beaman Automotive Group, decided to invest in the increased safety of his staff and customers by placing automated external defibrillators (AED’s) throughout all of his organization’s facilities. Working together with Nashville-based Lifeguard Medical Solutions, a nationally-recognized provider of AED Programs designed for the workplace, Beaman staff members were also trained in certified CPR/AED techniques in order to be better prepared in case a medical emergency ever occurred on any of their many site locations.

While the victim lay dying and the crowd awaited EMS to arrive, someone began administering CPR while another retrieved the AED. After the responders removed the victim’s shirt and applied the AED’s adhesive pads to the victim’s chest, the responders then followed the AED’s voice prompts and delivered the single shock which would ultimately save this man’s life. His heart soon returned to a normal rhythm and he was then transported to Vanderbilt Medical Center to receive proper advanced medical care.

An EMS official who stayed behind in order to draft his medical report remarked to witnesses that, without a doubt, this gentleman would have certainly died without the quick response time of the responders and the availability of an AED.

Quoting Lee Beaman, CEO of Beaman Automotive Group where the victim was saved:

 I am so proud our staff reacted in such a quick manner. The AED worked perfectly and brought a man back from death in front of me, my co-workers and hundreds of our customers. What happened on that day was nothing short of a miracle.”

To many, the most frightening aspect regarding sudden cardiac arrest(SCA) is that it can happen to anyone at anytime. Man, woman or child, we are all potential victims of SCA. For the safety of your employees, please consider implementing an AED Program into your workplace by investing in the purchase of an AED and CPR training. With the proper equipment and training available, you will raise the standard of care for your customers, guests and employees at your facilities and maybe even save someone’s life one day.


 For greater liability protection under federal, state and local “Good Samaritan” laws, it is highly recommended that organizations properly train an appropriate number of employees on CPR techniques and the use of an AED. These lifesaving measures have been proven time and again. VIEW ONSITE PROGRAM